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Smart Control

All your smart lights, electronics, and appliances in your home can be controlled and operated in just one click with Smart Control app. It is a smart and convenient addition to your home system that is quick and easy to install and use. It lets you customise and perform multiple and different functions all-around your home.

Investment Planning

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most advanced technologies with a big list of potential applications that apply across industries. Trends in the capital markets industry also suggest that the integration of IoT capabilities with the current business models have tremendous possibilities. IoT enables physical devices to stay connected with the internet, creating a network which facilitates an easy and smooth transfer of data in real-time. Development of smart sensors that can detect essential metrics has played the most significant role in making IoT feasible.

Safe And Secure

Developed by the mobile industry, IoT SAFE (IoT SIM Applet For Secure End-2-End Communication) enables IoT device manufacturers and IoT service providers to leverage the SIM as a robust, scalable and standardised hardware Root of Trust to protect IoT data communications.

IoT SAFE provides a common mechanism to secure IoT data communications using a highly trusted SIM, rather than using proprietary and potentially less trusted hardware secure elements implemented elsewhere within the device.

Smart Home


Smart Home is committed to the integration of home automation devices. We use advanced cloud computing, network communication,

automatic control and other technologies to connect with a variety of household devices, so as to make family life more comfortable, safe, efficient and energy saving. On the basis of maintaining traditional functions, Smart Home adds more humanized designs, which turns a batch of originally static household facilities into “smart” tools. It can not only exchange information in an all-round way, help the family and the outside to maintain a smooth communication of information, optimize people’s life style, arrange time effectively, but also can enhance the security of family life, and effectively save energy cost for the family.

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